25 Beautiful Bedrooms with Accent Walls

25 Beautiful Bedrooms with Accent Walls-title

Because we spend most of our time just sleeping in our bedrooms, we can often give their design short shrift. This is unwise, though, because the environment that you create – through sound home design – in your bedroom can often dictate the quality of the sleep you’re getting. Think about it; when you’re in a bedroom that’s been beautiful designed and that reflects your taste, you feel instantly at ease. This, in turn, makes it far easier to get to dreamland when it’s time to turn in for the night.

Now, designing the perfect bedroom can take time. But, there’s one thing you can do – perhaps even over the course of a weekend – that can completely revitalize the look of your bedroom… You can add an accent wall! Doing so will create a new canvas upon which to paint the ultimate bedroom that you’ve been dreaming of. Plus, having an accent wall in your bedroom can help to better define the space, grounding the design elements that might already be in it!

To show you what we mean, we’ve collected the following 25 examples of beautiful bedrooms with accent walls. When you look through, we think you’ll see why an accent wall might be just the thing your tired, old bedroom has been missing! Let’s take a look…

1. Cheer

25 Beautiful Bedrooms with Accent Walls-1

The beautiful bright green of the wood-paneled accent wall in this master bedroom really adds some cheer to the space.

2. Chill Dimension

25 Beautiful Bedrooms with Accent Walls-2

Not only does the greyish blue accent wall of this master bedroom chill the vibe, it also adds a lovely sense of dimension to the space.

3. Luxurious

25 Beautiful Bedrooms with Accent Walls-3

Combined with the grey tone of the walls and furniture pieces, the dark blue accent wall of this master bedroom is an awesome touch.

4. Reclaimed

25 Beautiful Bedrooms with Accent Walls-4

If you want to add a sense of lushness to your master bedroom, consider using reclaimed wood planks for your accent wall.