22 Masculine Bathroom Designs

5. Illuminate

22 Masculine Bathroom Designs-5

Here, the stunning overhead lights serve as a visual focal point in an otherwise boxy masculine bathroom design.

6. Dark Wood

22 Masculine Bathroom Designs-6

Dark wood and light tile are used to great effect in this masculine bathroom design. Also, the pressurized glass is decidedly retro.

7. Country

22 Masculine Bathroom Designs-7

This awesome bathroom design proves that a masculine bathroom can also have a country style and feel.

8. Bench

22 Masculine Bathroom Designs-8

The wooden bench at bottom right adds just enough spark to this masculine bathroom, tying the whole room together.

9. Industrial

22 Masculine Bathroom Designs-9

The black and white tiles underfoot are responsible for giving this masculine bathroom design personality.

10. Tile and Slate

22 Masculine Bathroom Designs-10

Rusted red tile and slate are used to great effect in this bathroom. See how the slate ties the shower together with the rest of the bathroom?